Welcome to the documentation page. Here you'll find information about getting started, object lifetime managament, handling advanced scenarios and integration with common application platforms for .NET:


  • Using Simple Injector: If you're new to Simple Injector, start here.
  • Object lifetime management: Read about configuring lifestyles such as Transient and Singleton, plus many more.
  • Diagnostic API: Identify common configuration mistakes using the built-in diagnostic services. A must-read for every developer using Simple Injector.
  • How to: Learn how to register Func<T> delegates and Lazy<T> objects, resolve instances by key, resolve arrays and lists, override existing registrations, and much more.
  • Advanced scenarios: Learn how to do batch registration, map open generics, apply decorators and all sorts of other fun stuff.
  • Integration Guide: Learn how to integrate Simple Injector with platforms such as ASP.NET, WCF and Silverlight, and frameworks such as RavenDb, SignalR, and T4MVC.
  • Extendibility Points: Learn about techniques for changing the default behavior of Simple Injector, such as overriding constructor resolution and enabling property injection.
  • The Simple Injector Pipeline: Learn how object graphs are composed by Simple Injector and which steps in the pipeline can be changed or extended.
  • How to Contribute Code: Guidelines for contributing to the Simple Injector project.
  • new.png The Simple Injector Design Principles: Learn why Simple Injector is designed the way it is.
  • Legal Stuff: Things you don't want to know, but we have to tell you.


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