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Simple Injector v1.0

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Released: Apr 26, 2011
Updated: Dec 17, 2011 by dot_NET_Junkie
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Application SimpleInjector Runtime Library
application, 159K, uploaded Apr 28, 2011 - 218 downloads

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Application SimpleInjector Silverlight Runtime Library
application, 144K, uploaded Apr 28, 2011 - 79 downloads
Source Code SimpleInjector Source Code
source code, 505K, uploaded May 1, 2011 - 106 downloads
Documentation SimpleInjector.chm
documentation, 123K, uploaded Apr 26, 2011 - 83 downloads

Release Notes

NOTE: Simple Injector v1.0 NOT the latest release. Please click on the Downloads tab above to find the latest Simple Injector release.

The Simple Injector is an easy-to-use Inversion of Control library. It solely supports code-based configuration and is an ideal starting point for developers unfamiliar with larger IoC / DI libraries

Notes for Simple Service Locator users
The Simple Injector is the reincarnation of the Simple Service Locator project. While the API does look a like, it is not backward compatible with the Simple Service Locator. Here are the most important (breaking) changes:
  • The dependency on the Common Service Locator project was removed. An CSL adapter is now available as separate dll.
  • Keyed registration methods are removed. They didn't add value and are extremely easy to implement yourself.
  • Silverlight is now supported.
  • The Extensions project for advanced functionality is now fully supported and part of the download.
  • The root namespace has changed from CuttingEdge.ServiceLocation to SimpleInjector.
  • The Register<T>(Action<T>) and RegisterSingle<T>(Action<T>) methods have been replaced with the move flexible RegisterInitializer<T>(Action<T>). RegisterInitializer works for all types, not only for concrete. This allows you to use it one a base type and the initializer will get called for instances of that type and all types that derive from it. For instance, calling container.RegisterInitializer<object>(o => Debug.WriteLine(o.GetType())); registers a delegate that gets called for each instance that is created by the container.
  • Generic type constraint where T : class was added to the GetInstance<T> and GetAllInstances<T> methods.
  • Bug fix: Performance problem with the IServiceProvider.GetService(Type) method fixed.

Users of the Simple Service Locator can keep using this library; it is still available as a download. Bugs will be fixed if they appear. However, the focus will primarily lay on the development and documentation of the Simple Injector.

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