Improve exception message in case of registering type with primitive value

source: When resolving a type with a primitive dependency in its constructor, the container currently throws a message s...

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Let AppendToCollection accept open-generic types

Since v2.6 RegisterAll allows registering open-generic types as well, but it is currently impossible to append open generic types to collections. This is actually a quite nasty one to implement, ...

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Allow resolving variant implementations as well

In one of my old articles I describe the reason why Simple Injector does not resolve variant implementations out of the box. Basically, the reasoning is explained in the following paragraph: For i...

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Warning when a registered open generic has not been verified

tl;dr: the container cannot guess how to close an open generic type for verification. The diagnostic services cannot verify an open generic that is not explicitly defined somewhere else within th...

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Container should implement IDisposable

See related discussion.

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Warn when IDisposable components are registered as transient

Add a rule to the diagnostic services that warn when a component is registered as transient that implements IDisposable. The transient lifestyle does not dispose any instances, so this might be an ...

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Disallow wrapping container uncontrolled collections with singleton decorators

Because of backwards compatibility the container allows wrapping elements of container uncontrolled collections with decorators that are registered as singleton. This can however easily go wrong, w...

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Combine IConstructorVerificationBehavior and IConstructorInjectionBehavior

In a quest to make interfaces narrow and follow the Interface Segregation Principle, Simple Injector 2.0 added three new interfaces that each contained one method. Later on however I realized that ...

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Integration package for Entity Framework

Entity Framework 6 now support dependency injection through the IDbDependencyResolver interface : See :

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WcfOperationLifestyle works as session lifestyle

When the WCF service is configured using establishSecurityContext=true (see here), any service configured using the WcfOperationLifestyle will live as long as the client proxy lives. So the lifesty...

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