Rename DecoratorPredicateContext to DecoratorContext

The DecoratorPredicateContext contains contextual information that can be used when making a registration for a decorator. An DecoratorPredicateContext instance is supplied by Simple Injector to th...

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Allow DecoratorPredicateContext to be injected into decorators

The DecoratorPredicateContext contains information about the the context of the decorator that is being applied. Simple Injector creates DecoratorPredicateContext instances and sends it to the Pred...

Id #20958 | Release: None | Updated: Tue at 8:42 PM by dot_NET_Junkie | Created: Tue at 8:00 PM by dot_NET_Junkie

Warn when IDisposable components are registered as transient

Add a rule to the diagnostic services that warn when a component is registered as transient that implements IDisposable. The transient lifestyle does not dispose any instances, so this might be an ...

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Allow root objects to be retrieved

This feature is useful in combination with feature. Where the referenced feature allows getting an object graph for a certain registration, this allows to retrieve all root objects. The combination...

Id #20955 | Release: None | Updated: Jun 23 at 11:36 AM by qujck | Created: Jun 23 at 11:10 AM by dot_NET_Junkie

Allow object graphs to be shown

The diagnostic system should allow the container's object graphs to be visualized. It should be possible to request an object from a InstanceProducer that allows visualizing that part of the graph....

Id #20954 | Release: None | Updated: Jun 23 at 11:36 AM by qujck | Created: Jun 23 at 11:07 AM by dot_NET_Junkie

Disallow wrapping container uncontrolled collections with singleton decorators

Because of backwards compatibility the container allows wrapping elements of container uncontrolled collections with decorators that are registered as singleton. This can however easily go wrong, w...

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Combine IConstructorVerificationBehavior and IConstructorInjectionBehavior

In a quest to make interfaces narrow and follow the Interface Segregation Principle, Simple Injector 2.0 added three new interfaces that each contained one method. Later on however I realized that ...

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Windows Phone 8.1 Support

Hi, I would like to know if you have any plans to support Windows Phone 8.1? Currently I get the following error: "'SimpleInjector 2.5.0' already installed. Adding 'SimpleInjector 2.5.0' to M...

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Integration package for Entity Framework

Entity Framework 6 now support dependency injection through the IDbDependencyResolver interface : See :

Id #20949 | Release: None | Updated: May 14 at 8:52 AM by dot_NET_Junkie | Created: May 14 at 2:21 AM by Maly

Enable SuppressMessageAttribute to be used to explicitly exclude verification warnings

Tools such as StyleCop allow explicitly suppressing known and approved violations using SuppressMessageAttribute. I think we may have discussed this in the past but what are you thoughts on extend...

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