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Simple Injector v2.3

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Released: Jun 30, 2013
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Release Notes

NOTE: Simple Injector v2.3 is NOT the latest release. Please click on the Downloads tab above to find the latest Simple Injector release.

This minor release focuses on advanced and integration scenarios in the core library. Besides these features, this release contains several bug fixes.

New features and improvements for the SimpleInjector.dll

  • RegisterManyForOpenGeneric overload that take in an BatchRegistrationCallback and a list of types now accept open generic types. Closed generic versions of the supplied open generic types will added to the list of implementations that is supplied to the BatchRegistrationCallback. This allows making collections with a mixed of generic and non-generic types. (work item 19745)
  • RegisterAllOpenGeneric extension methods added. RegisterAllOpenGeneric does to collections what RegisterOpenGeneric does to normal registrations. RegisterAllOpenGeneric allows registering a list of open generic types which will be tranformed to a list of matching closed generic types when a collection is requested. (work item 19758)
  • New RegisterAll overload added that accepts a collection of Registration instances. This makes registering collections more consistent. (work item 19876)
  • A new AppendToCollection extension method has been added to the AdvancedExtensions class in the SimpleInjector.Advanced namespace to make integration with frameworks such as NServiceBus and ReactiveUI easier. The method allows appending new registrations to existing registrations made using one of the RegisterAll overloads. (work item 19771)

Changes for the SimpleInjector.dll

  • Func<T> decoratee dependencies in decorators are now verified when calling container.Verify(). (work item 19851)
  • Registrations of collections are now generated and compiled more lazily which improves start-up performance when items are retrieved by index in large collections. (work item 19601)

Bug fixes for the SimpleInjector.dll

  • Adding KnownRelationship instances during ExpressionBuilt would leak to other InstanceProducer instances when they shared the same Registration. This resulted in false warnings in the Diagnostic Services. (work item 19796)
  • The RegisterDecorator method overload that accepts the predicate didn't supply the correct DecoratorPredicateContext when decorating multiple registrations with the same service type. The internal cache used the service type as key, not the InstanceProducer. (work item 19780)
  • The framework shows user friendly (C# like) type names in exception messages, but it failed to do so when displaying a type that was an array of generic types. In that case a FormatException was thrown hiding the real exception. (work item 19847)
  • Resolving an externally provided singleton (using RegisterSingle<TService>(TService)) failed when the supplied instance was a subtype of TService and contained a property that was configured to be injected. (work item 19880)
  • RegisterInitializer behaved inconsistent between singleton registrations with a delegate and an instance. The supplied instance would get the delegate applied, while the instance returned from the delegate didn't. (work item 19881)

Bug fixes for the SimpleInjector.Integration.Wcf.dll

  • For some WCF configurations, the container would throw an InvalidOperationException with the message "WCF scopes can not be nested.". (work item 19866)

Project changes

  • Silverlight NuGet packages are now merged with .NET packages. The separate Silverlight packages still exist, but will be deprecated soon. (work item 19764)

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