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Simple Injector v2.6

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Released: Oct 14, 2014
Updated: Oct 26, 2014 by dot_NET_Junkie
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Release Notes

NOTE: This is NOT the latest release. Please click on the Downloads tab above to find the latest Simple Injector release.

Simple Injector 2.6 adds many small improvements such as the ability to override the lifestyle selection behavior, registration of open-generic types using RegisterAll and cool features that improve diagnostics.

Starting with this release we moved our documentation to The latest documentation can be found here.

Starting with Simple Injector 2.6 the Container.InjectProperties method has been marked as obsolete with the System.ObsoleteAttribute. This page describes why we made this decision and identifies things you should consider to mitigate the impact of it's eventual removal from the API. All users are advised to

New features and improvements for the SimpleInjector.dll

  • The RegisterAll method now allows registering open-generic types as well. (work item 20971)
  • New Container.Options.LifestyleSelectionBehavior extendibility point added to allow overriding the container's behavior to register type's with the Transient lifestyle. This is especially useful for batch-registration scenarios. (work item 20965)
  • The new DecoratorContext class can now be used as argument injected in a decorator's constructor that is registered using the RegisterDecorator extension methods to supply the decorator with specific information about its context. (work item 20959)
  • A new VisualizeObjectGraph method is added to the InstanceProducer class allow visualizing the object graph of an registration. This shows the complete object graph in a C#ish way. Feature also added in the debugger view. (work item 20954)
  • Container.GetRootRegistrations method added that allows retrieving all root registrations. The container debugger view now also shows root registrations. (work item 20955)
  • The RegisterManyForOpenGeneric extension method overloads added that allow supplying the AccessibilityOption enum are now also available in the PCL build. (work item 20396)
  • Prevented using dynamic assembly compilation after a certain threshold to prevent memory leaks. (work item 20961)
  • RegisterManyForOpenGeneric overloads now register all types by default (i.e. including internal types) instead of only public types. (work item 20964)
  • Container.InjectProperties has been made obsolete. (work item 20945)
  • Improved cyclic dependency detection. (work item 20969)
  • More expressive exception is thrown in case an open generic type is being resolved. (work item 20970)

Bug fixes for the SimpleInjector.dll

  • Verification of Func<T> delegates of decorators was sometimes skipped. (work item 20956)

New features and improvements for the SimpleInjector.Integration.Wcf.dll

  • SimpleInjectorServiceBehavior class added to make it easier for users to create self-hosted WCF services. (work item 20898)
  • GetImplementedContracts method added to the SimpleInjectorServiceHost class to take it easier to add any custom behaviors to the implemented contracts.

Changes and bug fixes for the SimpleInjector.Integration.Wcf.dll

  • RegisterMvcAttributeFilterProvider has been marked obsolete. (work item 20946)
  • Prevented the RegisterMvcAttributeFilterProvider from being called multiple times. (work item 20960)

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